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Thiết Bị Kiểm Tra Van Di Động Dạng Đứng - Series TSC

Portable test unit for testing Shutt-Off valves, Control valves and Safety relief valves. Vertical hydraulic clamping system are availablel with: 18, 30, 55 tons clamping force.

Working range: DN 10 – 600 mm (3/8” – 24”)

Test types:

  • Body Test
  • Leakage test of spindle glands
  • Leak test of valve seat
  • Set pressure of safety relief valves

Test media:

  • Water
  • Compressed air
  • Nitrogen

The valves will clamped by the flange or between upper and lower teat table. The clamping device and the control panel are mounted on a strong frame easy to transport.

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