SpotChecker Ultrasonic Spot Weld Tester

SpotChecker is a hand-held flaw detector for testing spotwelds in situ on the production line. It weighs just 3.2 kg, is battery operated and is sealed to IP...

  • "Completes" our existing USLT product line for spot weld testing
  • Offers true portability with a rugged, environmentally protective housing
  • The key difference between this product and existing spot weld testing solutions is its size/weight, environmental protection and user friendly operating
  • Unique user interface to operate a pointing device by two trackballs
  • Touchscreen operation for direct access of different functions and settings on a big 8.4 inch LCD
  • Modern PC interfaces, including USB and wireless connection (WLAN, BlueTooth Remote control like USLT 2000)
  • Ease of use for untrained inspectors (Application Specific Software UltraLOG)
  • Compatible with other USLT 2000 solutions
  • Hot swap battery exchange for continuous operation
  • Environmentally protected according IP65
  • Weight approx. 3.2 kg including batteries

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