DM5E Series Wall Thickness Gauge

The DM5E Series Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gage enables you to accomplish a large number of demanding tasks, especially with remaining wall thickness measurem...


  • Three levels - DM5E Basic, DM5E and DM5E DL
  • Thickness measurement under coating
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • New range of high performance probes
  • Flexible data processing
  • A range of measurement displays


Range of measurement displays:

  • Normal: the thickness value appears as large digits in the centre of the display
  • MIN Scan: a minimum thickness scan that allows the user to run the probe over the wall surface. After the evaluation period, the minimum material thickness measured is displayed
  • MAX Scan: a maximum thickness scan is exactly the same as a MIN Scan apart from the fact that the maximum thickness measured is displayed
  • DIFF/RR%: compares the measured thickness with a user-specified nominal thickness - dimensional difference between the two values is displayed, as is the percentage difference
  • B-Scan: displays a graphic representation of a B-Scan showing minimum thickness values - graph is derived by measuring and recording at 1 point per second

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