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FLASH! X-Ray Digital Image Processing Software

Phần mềm sử dụng trong chụp ảnh phóng xạ, với chức năng nâng cao và phân tích hình ảnh, phần mềm dùng để đánh giá nhanh hình ảnh của chụp phóng xạ
  • Flash! image processing technology offers you:
  • Excellent, consistent image quality across CR and DR platforms
  • Enhanced productivity and optimized resources
  • Optimal rendering of all relevant imaging data, optimized for the human eye
  • Robust image processing against variations (density, geometry, radiation quality, exposure settings, etc.)
  • Smooth workflow at the operator and reviewer/verification levels
  • High contrast even at lower dose
  • Two versions: Flash! (for general use) and Flash! O&G (optimized for Oil & Gas)
  • DICONDE* -compliant

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