Release date :20/10/2017


Oxford Instruments is the world's first manufacturer of handheld Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy (LiBS). The company has released the second generation of this product line (Vulcan model), upgrading its capabilities equivalent to the XFR series with many more features than ever before.

With the ability to analyze for just one second, Vulcan can test thousands (1000) samples a day with very low detection limits of 0.02 - 0.2% (depending on the element and material background), help check the input materials, quality control, evaluate and classify products fast and efficiently for all kinds of alloys, including: Al (aluminum), copper (Cu), titanium (Ti), cobalt (Co) Magnesium (Mg), Nickel (Ni) and tin (Sn), Stainless steel, tool steel, low alloy steel ...


Vulcan is the only LIBS device pass IP54 (NEMA3) and MIL-STD-810G durability tests with the Scratch-resistant screen, shock resistance DragontrailTM and Sapphire optical glass.

 Vulcan is the longest-running LIBS device on the market with up to 10 hours of battery life (standard set includes 02 batteries)

 Design from high quality material but sturdy structure, light weight only 1.5 kg including battery. Vulcan will appeal at first sight.

 More than 1500 grades of materials are available in open libraries conform to different standards such as AISI, DIN, GB and JIS.

 Vulcan is equipped with a camera to see the analysis location

 It can export csv, pdf files or save and manage data directly to Cloud Server through IO program. Users can access analysis reports (including data, images, chart, position, etc.) from an internet connected computer without any software installed.

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