Release Date :20/10/2017

Keep going the success of the USM 35X equipment on the market, GE develop and release to the market USM-36 equipment base on USM 35X.

  • Advanced hardware & processor systems to speed up signal processing
  • Upgrade 7 inch color screen with higher resolution (800x480 pixels).
  • Recording function with time up to 8 minutes (Video record)
  • Displays the minimum thickness value after each continuous scan (when measuring thickness).
  • Square pulse function (SWP) supports the inspection of special materials in the industry.
  • Set up 4 quick-keys
  • Able to ON/OFF Auto-Freeze function, reduce the probe's contact time with test objects (especially when measuring in high temperatures).
  • The ability to display different colors for each of the reflections (colored legs)
  • Function to record highest echo (Echo envelop)
  • Support for comparison with reference pulses (Comparison).
  • The ability to plus a few Functions (optional): DGS, BEA (Back wall Echo Attenuation), Phantom-PRF, 3G (3Gates).
  • 13 hours continuous operation with 1 Li-ion battery
  • Storage with internal memory (8GB) and SD memory card
  • Connect and communicate data to your PC via mini USB
  • Export reports in JPG, BM files.

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