Release date: 20/10/2017

Magnavis and Magnaglo are the set of product is used for magnetic testing with fineness and high flexibility manufactured by  Magnaflux (USA) . The product can be applied to all materials with magnetization.


The Magnavis kit includes 2 types of drugs spray: magnetic ink and paint reflective 7HF WCP-2, used for defects inspection by naked eyes.

Magnaglo is a type of  fluorescent ink code14AM, used for defect testing under ultraviolet light

Magnaflux's product line has many advantages point over other products in the market. Magnetic particle of Magnaflux have the fineness and flexibility, it is the best on the market, helping to detect small defects easier. Reflective paint WCP-2 is very dry and easy to clean, shorten the testing time.

With better quality and better defect performance than other products on the market, Magnavis and Magnaglo are conform to all common standards such as ASME B & PV Code, ASTM. Magnaflux's products even comply with the high standards like: US Military NON-Destructive Testing standard (MIL-STD),Boeing Non-Destructive Testing standard (Boeing PS, Boeing BAC)

Testing the defect on the same sample (weld) with 7HF + WCP2 (Magnaflux) and SM15 + MP35 (Nabakem) with the following information:

Give the test results as shown below:



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