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Was established in 1999, Quoc Huy Co., Ltd focused on trading inspection – testing and measurement – calibration equipment for almost industrial field. After a period of serving time to customer we realized the huge of requirement in specialized tools and equipment for the repair and maintenance activities after finished their inspections.

We decided to start new trading activities in specialized tools and machines to provide a full solution to our customers. At the present, we supplied many kind of specialized tools for maintenance activities in factory such as hydraulic wrench for opening huge machine, specialized devices and tools for valves, piping, flange repairing or set of tools for washing boiler tubes etc. We also supplied many kind of lathe, milling CNC, drill, band saw machines in metal processing field from well-known manufacturers in Europe.

We are representation of top manufacturers in specialized tools and machines in mechanic such as Torcup – USA (hydraulic wrench), Bore Repair Systems – USA (tools for valve repairing), Unigrind (tool and machine for valve repairing and testing) – Germany, H&S Tool – USA (tool for processing flange and piping), Zmm – Bulgari (Lathe and lathe CNC machines), Goodway – USA (washing system for piping and HRAC), Stankogomel – Belarus (Metal processing machines) etc.
We proud of our enthusiasm and rich of experience staffs who are always updating the most modern technologies to satisfy the highest and most strictly requirement of customers.

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Quoc Huy is distributor

Hydraulic- Pneumatic wrench

Torcup - USA

Valve testing system, Valve repair machine

Unigrind - 

Online Safety Valve Test Unit
L-Plan - Slovenia

Lathes & mechanical

ZMM - 

Hack saw, Band saw, Abrasive cutter
Siloma - 

Column Drilling, Radial Drilling, Milling machines
ZMM metalik - 

Milling machines- Slotting machines

StankoGomel -Belarus

Portable Bore Welder & Boring Bar system
Bore repair systems - USA

Tube cleaner - High pressure washer HVAC cleaning
Goodway - USA

Expanding machine equiment
H&S Tool - USA

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