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Magnavis 7C Black Concentrate

Magnavis® 7C is composed of compounded magnetic powder and may be suspended in either Carrier II Oil Vehicle or in water

Magnavis 7HF Black Prepared Bath

Magnavis® 7HF Black Visible Magnetic Particle Wet Method Prepared Bath is designed for spot inspections of parts that, because of their size or location, mus...

Magnavis® WCP-2 Contrast Paint

Magnavis® WCP-2 is composed of acetone and inorganic pigments and utilizes a carbon dioxide aerosol propellant for ease of application.

Magnaflux 9CM Prepared Bath

9C Red powder premixed with Carrier II packaged in an aerosol can. Suspension: Oil. Recommended Concentration: Premixed in Aerosols

Magnaglo® 14A Fluorescent Magnetic Powder

Magnaglo® 14A is intended for use in high sensitivity, wet method magnetic particle inspection and may be suspended in either a petroleum-based vehicle (oil)...

Magnaglo® 14A Redi-BathTM

Magnaglo® 14A Redi-BathTM is a prepared liquid concentrate of 14A Fluorescent Powder, wetting agents, anti-foaming agents and long lasting rust inhibitors.

Magnaglo® 14A Aqua-GloTM

Magnaglo® 14A Aqua-GloTM is a prepared liquid solution of 14A Fluorescent Powder, water, conditioning agents, corrosion inhibitors and carbon dioxide propell...

Magnaglo® 20B

Magnaglo® 20B is a dry mix formula of 14A Fluorescent Powder and WA-2B water conditioner containing wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors designed to be ad...

Magnaglo® MG-410 Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Powder

Magnaglo® MG-410 Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Powder is a dry, free flowing magnetic powder that fluoresces bright yellow-green under black light (wavelen...

Magnaglo® MG-3410

Magnaglo® MG-3410 is a dry, free flowing, green magnetic powder composed of MagnaGlo MG-410 particles and wetting agents.

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