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Galaxy Encircling Coils

GE offers a cost-effective range of Encircling Coils either. Absolute or Differential. They are ideally suited to inspecting small lengths of tube, wire or b...

Conductivity Measurement

Measuring electrical conductivity is an accurate and repeatable method for checking non-ferrous metals and alloys for identity, grade and material condition.

Probe Starter Packages

GE provides a range of Initial Application Starter Packages, to assist in selecting probes and accessories for various inspections tasks

Remote Field Probes (RFT) for Ferrous Tubing

Designed for inspection of ferrous tubing in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries

Probes for Air Conditioner Tubing

Designed for inspection of non-ferrous tubing in industrial HVAC units.

Non-Ferrous Tubing Probes for Balance-of-Plant

Designed for inspection of non-ferrous tubing in balance-of-plant applications in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

Fastener Hole Probes

These probes inspect the inner surface of fastener holes for defects.

WeldScan (Differential Bridge)

WeldScan probes offer a cost-effective alternative to. Magnetic Particle Inspection for in-service inspection of ferrous welds. WeldScan probes are also avai...

Sub-Surface Inspection - Low Frequency Probes

These probes are used to detect sub-surface defects.

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