Inspection Services - Calibration

ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 calibration laboratory Calibration capability extends the manufacturer's authorization

Maintenance and Testing Service

Thiết bị kiểm tra không phá huỷ (NDT) - Thiết bị đo lường và hiệu chuẩn nhiệt độ/áp suất - Thiết bị phân tích thành phần vật liệu - Thiết bị cơ khí

Material Analysis Service

Alloy analysis with high precision at laboratory. Alloy analysis at the side work (no need cut out sample). Rohs analysis in consumer goods. Soil analysis an...


Ultrasonic Testing (UT). Ultrasonic Phased Array (PA). Magnetic Particle Testing (MT). Penetrant Testing (PT). Radiographic Testing (RT). Eddy Current Testin...

Inspection Service at Site

Quoc Huy provide the Inspection Service at Site: Motor Inspection - Thickness Measurement - Visual Inspection in Motor, Piping - Material Analysis

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