Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy equipment (no radiation source ) analyze sample for just 1 second

Vulcan is absolutely safe, without using any radiation source (no x-ray, no gamma ray). Equipment is equipped a sensor to identify the sample (without the me...

Information about set of magnavis and magnaglo – is used the most popular for magnetic testing

Magnavis and Magnaglo are the set of product is used for magnetic testing with fineness and high flexibility manufactured by Magnaflux (USA) . The product c...

Information of USM 36 Equipment

Keep going the success of the USM 35X equipment on the market, GE develop and release to the market USM-36 equipment base on USM 35X.

Introduction of ARMI standard samples

The International Organization for Standard Analyzes (ARMI) was established in 1984 for the purpose of manufacturing standardized materials (CRMs) in the met...

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